Kuhlman Electric Corporation Community Engagement Specialist

This Community Engagement Plan (CEP) was developed as part of the Corrective Action Plan for the Kuhlman Electric Corporation (KEC) in Crystal Springs, Mississippi. The Corrective Action Plan was designed to identify and resolve environmental impacts resulting from past soil and groundwater contamination at the Kuhlman manufacturing building.

As the Community Engagement Specialist, Caffee, Caffee and Associates works to:

  • Establish a relationship with the stakeholders in the community.
  • Conduct an assessment on when, why and how KEC currently engages with the community.
  • Identify various types of opportunities for KEC engagement with the community.
  • Keep the public informed as remedial work progresses and results are received;
  • Provide a mechanism for disseminating information on a routine, as well as nonroutine, basis in response to individual concerns.
  • Provide a mechanism for the public to provide feedback and input to ensure an informed, effective and consistent strategic approach to Community Engagement.
  • Make updates quarterly via calls, emails, and newsletters to various audiences (elected officials, civic leaders, individuals).
  • Provide support to plant management (if needed) to improve the level of understanding about the general welfare of the work force and to resolve unfounded rumors and concerns which can affect morale and productivity.