National African American Prevention Network

NAATPN.Inc. is a 20-year-old organization that exists to facilitate the implementation and promotion of comprehensive policies, community-led programs and culturally competent public health campaigns that benefit African Americans. We are committed to addressing the social and economic injustices that have marginalized our communities and led to deep health disparities. NAATPN is fortified by a network of community organizations, grassroots organizers, faith leaders, legislators, clinical service providers, researchers and media professionals who use their expertise to inform our policy work and amplify our educational campaigns.

For the past 10 years, NAATPN has operated as one of eight designated national networks under the CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health. In this capacity we provide tobacco control leadership in the African American community. We provide expert comment, research, and education that have resulted in cities and institutions adopting smoke-free policies and flavor restrictions.

In recent years, we have been charged under the CDC’s Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention to utilize our network model to bring HIV prevention, testing and treatment messaging to communities that have been traditionally overlooked. In partnership with other appointed national organizations, we disseminate the Act Against AIDS campaign, conduct HIV testing, expand access to services for people living with HIV and promote the decriminalization of HIV.

Although our organization is funded to tackle issues related to HIV, tobacco and cancer, we recognize that African Americans experience disparities in almost all matters of health. For this reason, we raise a banner in support of policies and programs that bring awareness to diabetes, heart disease, mental health, fetal and maternal health, opioid addiction, marijuana use and all other issues threatening total and complete Black body health. At our annual conference the State of Black Health, we speak loudly about the social injustices that contribute to all health disparities. We serve as a connector of historical African American thought leadership organizations and mobilize them in support of these critical health issues.

Our national headquarters is located in Durham, NC.

Youth Empowered Solutions (YES!)

Founded in January 2008 on the belief that intergenerational power-sharing is essential to creating community solutions, YES! developed the nationally recognized YES! Youth Empowerment Model® for social change.  YES! applies The YES! Youth Empowerment Model® (The Model) not only to support the development of youth leaders in change but also to support adults and organizations to change harmful policies and practices that negatively affect youth.  Through The Model, youth and adults gain the knowledge, skills and opportunities to name, analyze, and dismantle structural racism, which perpetuates other systems of oppression.

Using the YES! Youth Empowerment Model©, YES! works with youth within our organization to develop a deep critical awareness about the root causes of the issues that impact them, and then to develop the skills necessary to navigate systems and engage in collaboration to advocate for solutions to those issues.  Currently, youth in our offices focus on issues including tobacco prevention, environmental justice, water access, food justice and access to healthcare.  All of this work is done through a racial equity lens.

YES! also trains adults and organizations across the country to understand the importance of youth empowerment and build their own capacity to work with youth in ways that support their mission. By engaging youth in our work, organizations and communities become more creative, resourceful, tech savvy, powerful, and successful at creating meaningful and sustainable solutions for community challenges.

YES! Is building a growing national network of trained youth advocates who are  ready to take action.  Our current network consists of more than 25 organizations in various locations across the United States who have intentionally supported youth of color to lead advocacy efforts in their local communities and to support national movement building efforts.  These youth and their adult allies receive training from YES! And participate in ongoing virtual trainings and opportunities for online collaboration.

In YES!’s Fiscal Year 2018, YES! Youth and Adults helped to change 15 policies, systems and environments, across 8 states, with 40 different partners, impacting 2,474,032 people.


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